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I can’t imagine why Google prefers their FIFA World Cup Doodles over my well-researched one. Oh well, their loss I guess.
Dan Bern - Estelle

Dan Bern


Dan Bern

you know sometimes it feels
like there’s so much that you need
sometimes the world is upside down…
sometimes it seems like the only thing you need
is holdin’ someone’s hand as you walk through town…

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

2 Girls 1 Asian Season 1 Episode 7: “The Road Trip”

2 Girls 1 Asian


Skeletor and He-Man are back! But He-Man needs to learn an important lesson.

Nappy (Pharrell Cover) with Lyrics by Maimouna Youssef feat. Dev Duff

Saturday Afternoon Reading

Definition: “Scrounger”
by Derica Shields

But she doesn’t let them to dismiss her! I cannot count the number of times I’ve been talked over and talked down to by white British men. My statements informed by education, research or experience are interrogated, picked apart, evengoogled when similar statements by a white man would be accepted as truths. Apparently, women of colour’s speech is always awaiting verification. I love that Yaqoob refused to succumb to all those familiar silencing tactics, and so quickly articulated a powerful case against austerity.

Read more at AfricasACountry.com

How safe is New York?
by Keir Clarke

In this Safe New York map I’ve taken the data for Manhattan, New York. The map shows the safest and least safe locations as perceived by the MIT Street View algorithm. The MIT q-score assigns a value up to 43 for each Street View image. The higher the q-score assigned the higher the safety perception. The lower the q-score the lower the safety perception.

Read More at GoogleMapsMania

Why All Our Daughters Need to See ‘Maleficent’ Right Now
by Melissa Cordner

Reviews and friends will tell you that Maleficent was predictable, at times slow, and seemed to be primarily an excuse for the artists to show off their CG skills (that dragon though!). In terms of action-based plotlines, this is fair, but those who are bored by the film are overlooking one key factor: character development. Maleficent is a classic stereotypical “total bitch”—and THAT’S PORTRAYED AS A GOOD THING.

Read more at BitchFlicks

Intro Class
by Robot Hugs

Robot Hugs is a webcomic updated on Mondays and Thursdays.

I live in Toronto and work in UX/IA. I have a degree in Linguistics. I believe in ninjas, and romance, and saving the world. I prefer gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘they’ or ‘zie/zir’.

Read More at RobotHugs

Who do you think should direct Episode IX?

Saturday Afternoon Reading

by Maurice Mcleod at MediaDiversified.org
Football frequently makes me a hypocrite.
I’ve spent a sizeable chunk of my life thinking, writing and ranting about social justice but when it comes to football, I’m as blinkered as a Daily Mail reader. A bunch of philandering millionaires, kicking a bit of leather around, get my full-hearted backing in a way that city traders and industry big-wigs can only dream of.
Read More at Media Diversified Does Keeping a Cell Phone in Your Pocket Reduce Male Fertility?
by Greg Laden
The study considered the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) on sperm motility (movement), viability, and concentration. As a meta-analysis, the study looked at several in vitro and in vivo analyses, combining the results, and using a statistical analysis to test the idea that RF-EMR has an effect on any one of these three variables. In total, ten studies were selected from a wider range of studies (the others were eliminated for various reasons) across which a total of 1492 sperm specimens were analyzed.
Read More at ScienceBlogs.com Jenny Yang’s ‘If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say’ A Fast Online Hit
by Arturo R. García
“I just love dating white guys,” she tells one guy. “Because they’re so large and overbearing.” In another “romantic” scene, Eugene smoothly tells a white woman, “You know, I’m really into white girls. Just white girls,” only to protest, “Where you going?” as she runs.
Read More at Racialicious a continuum of thought
by Dermot O’Connor
For the past two years I’ve been working on a comic book called ‘Continuum’. In ‘Continuum’, Albert Einstein takes a young George W. Bush on a journey through space-time and philosophy. Some of the pages were relatively straightforward, until this one – page 100. Page 100 shows many of the key figures who shaped different aspects of the modern worldview. This page has to date taken about 2 months. Each pose animates into the one following. Hefty research was required to select the characters – and when a new figure was added, this occasionally necessitated altering the poses of the figures before and after (one reason why this page took so long to complete).
Read More at AngryAnimator.com
What else should I be reading?

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